Selling or Moving Your Home

10 Things to do before Moving or Selling Your Home

Selling or moving your home can be an exciting but stressful time. Make it easier on yourself and implement these tips before you move or sell your home.

  1. Start packing – Once you have decided to sell your home, start packing right away. It’s a great chance to declutter each room and get organized.
  2. Make a great first impression – Home buyers want to see a well-kept yard and all common areas cleaned and well-kept. Even painting the front door can mean the difference between a sale or a pass.
  3. Super Clean the house –  Potential buyers don’t want to walk into a disaster. Make sure the kids’ rooms are clean, and that extra toys stored away out of site. Take the garbage and recycling out, vacuum and mop the floors, clean the windows. Tidy up each room, make sure any holes in the walls are repaired. If it all seems too much then hire a professional cleaning service.
  4. Hide unnecessary items – Hide items that may be an eyesore. Dirty sponges and laundry should be kept out of site. Keep the litter box out of plain view.
  5. Small repairs – All home are in need of small repairs. Fixtures may be outdated, nail holes, moldings cracked, vinyl chipped. A little work in this area and your potential buyers may go from uninterested to interested.
  6. Window Treatments – The right frame for any window can make all the difference, especially in making a whole room come alive and regulate heat and cold.
  7. Outdated lighting – Replace old light fixtures and pay attention to the mood or ambience you are trying to portray. For bedroom use, low-key lighting, for the kitchen make it bright.
  8. Painting – Depending on how long you have lived in your home the wall could probably use a fresh coat of paint. Buyers walking into a neon pink room will be turned off immediately. So cover up those personal choices for something more modern and contemporary.
  9. Set each room – It’s the small things that count. Accent and emphasis each room accordingly. Playoff of the theme of that room to make a more cohesive presentation, buyers… love stories.
  10. Be friendly – Potential buyers are not just looking at your home, they are looking at you. You are your best agent. Treat them kindly and with respect.

Once your home sells and you’re ready to move to your new home – give Above the Crowd Moving a call to get you moved into your new home!